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    I have been sober since Dec 17,1990.I was a real estate agent untill my seizures made me stop driving in 2006 and I put my license in escrow with the state.

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Five For Friday: Toto (Yacht Rock)

Posted by mjgolch on July 24, 2020

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Toto is roughly halfway through their 43rd trip around the sun, and while the band is currently on hiatus they’ve built a legacy of fourteen studio albums, a half dozen Grammys, and a Crystal Globe award for sales in excess of five million units outside the United States. Their website has their history and other fan information, including links to their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

  1. “Hold The Line”: Their first hit, from their eponymous 1978 debut album. It reached #5 in the US and Canada and earned a Platinum record for sales of 1 million in the US.
  2. “99”: Weritten as a tribute to George Luvcas’s film THX 1189, from their 1979 album Hydra. Only reached #26 in the US and #17 in Canada, but a personal favorite.
  3. “Rosanna”: From their 1982 album Toto IV, this reached #2 on the Hot 100, #4…

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