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    I have been sober since Dec 17,1990.I was a real estate agent untill my seizures made me stop driving in 2006 and I put my license in escrow with the state.

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My Mother’s Machine-gun

Posted by mjgolch on June 28, 2020

CherriesWriter - Vietnam War website

The coincidence of reading an earlier letter from her son in Vietnam and then seeing a news report about battles in his area compelled an angry mother to take action. She doesn’t know all the facts, but knows that her boy is short of equipment and she’s going to get him what he needs.  Read what she did in my article this week. 

by: John Harrison

In October of 1967 my unit, the fabled 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment of World War II, Band of Brothers fame, deployed to Vietnam as part of the 101st Airborne Division. Although we did not know it then, we would be there for the bloodiest year of that conflict.

After a short orientation at Phan Rang, we were sent to the field, Search and Destroy the Army called it; but to us, we were chasing Charlie as the saying went even though we rarely caught…

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